Register for “KIDS” CAMP

Freedom Intl Summer "KIDS" Camp Registration
Freedom Intl Summer "KIDS" Camp Registration

The Freedom Intl Summer “KIDS” Camp will provide a safe and orderly environment
where staff, parents and children engage in activities to improve academic achievement,
increase character development and foster a sense of community.
Responsibilities of the Program
 We understand that the Program will provide a range of activities and programs
for the enhancement of the children.
 We understand that the Program will provide educational and recreational field
trips for the purpose of expanding the knowledge base of the student.
 We understand that the Program will provide nutritional snacks.
Responsibilities of the Student
 I understand that I am to treat myself, my peers, and the staff with respect.
 I understand that failure to comply with the Freedom Intl Summer “KIDS” Camp
rules will result in disciplinary action and possibly removal from the program.
Responsibilities of the Parent/Guardian
 I understand that I am responsible for tuition even when my child is absent as the
staff must be paid regardless of attendance. Tuition is due on FRIDAYS and
there will be a $10 late fee added to weekly fees that are received after 5:30 p.m.
on Friday for the following week of camp your child(ren) attends.. Only one
bounced check is permitted after which time all fees must be paid in cash. The
returned check fee is $25.00. Failure to pay the tuition due will result in a small
claims case to collect the funds.
 I understand that I am to bring my child on time and should contact the office if
my child will be absent.
 I understand that my child should be picked up time as agreed upon by contract-
5:30 P.M. being the latest. There will be a late check-out/pick-up charge of $1
per minute after the camp’s closing time at 5:30 p.m. If you know you will be
late, please call so we can inform your child. However, there will still be a late fee
charged regardless of the reason.
 I understand that my child must comply with the established behavior code and
that there is a 3-strike policy with regard to behavior and that after 3 infractions
my child will be removed from the program, without a refund of tuition for that
current week. No further tuition will be due if my child is removed.
 I understand that my child will be immediately removed from the program
regardless of how many strikes they do or do not have for any category 2
infraction (i.e. dangerous behavior toward any peer or adult, having a weapon or
showing disrespect etc.)

If you are unavailable, list two persons to whom your child may be released. Your
signature authorizes this release. We will not release your child to anyone other than the
parents or those you have listed.

Has pupil had any of the following health problems? Select all that apply.

* We will not give prescription medications to children.

I understand that the Medical Doctor/Registered Nurse will administer the above medications I have checked.

My child, has my permission to accompany Freedom Intl Summer “KIDS” Camp on any and all field trips during the course of the summer session. I understand that all safety precautions will be taken both at and away from the center. I further understand that my child must adhere to all rules and regulations, including the disciplinary code. Failure to follow the rules will result in disciplinary action.
I give permission for my child to be photographed when photos concerning the program are taken and used for publicity and other purposes that enhance the program.
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